Life of Megan

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ouch, that was a long hiatus

I'm back!

In the last month and a half, I discovered film noir and detective novels (I read and watched The Maltese Falcon, and now I'm reading The Glass Key, also by Hammett). We finally got ourselves library cards, so I have added Hammett's The Thin Man and Chandler's The Big Sleep and Farewell, My Lovely waiting in my queue.

I ran the Wineglass Marathon on October 4, finishing in 4:23:11. I had a fantastic race and only needed to walk a total of about two minutes away from the water stations. This was an improvement in my PR of nearly an hour! The monster month of training really paid off for me. I am planning to race another marathon next fall and think I can do even better, now that I know how much rest I need.

We had a great summer with our garden. Now we're down to herbs, spinach, lettuce, and chard. Judson planted some wheat to act as ground cover for the winter.

Seems like enough updating for now. I'm thinking about starting a little side project. I'll let you know soon.